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There are many different reasons why a woman might be interested in having breast augmentation. In some cases, it is simply a matter of wanting a larger or fuller bust. In other cases, it might be related to changes in the breasts after significant weight loss, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. Your personal augmentation goals, and body type will heavily influence the breast augmentation options that we recommend for you.

After halting the sale of older silicone implant styles in 1992 due to safety concerns, the FDA approved the use of a new generation of silicone gel implants in 2006 after extensive research and clinical testing. Silicone implants are good for women who do not have much soft tissue coverage, they offer a more natural, softer feel that is closer to natural breast tissue. While saline implants are filled post-implantation, silicone gel implants come from the manufacturer pre-filled. The silicone gel in modern silicone implants is a thick, semi-cohesive substance that has the consistency of a gummy bear candy.

Saline breast implants are made of a silastic shell which is essentially solid silicone. The saline implants can be inserted through small incisions as they are placed in the prepared surgical pocket deflated and rolled-up into a narrow cylinder. After the implant is in the appropriate space under your breast or pectoralis muscle, your doctor inflates your implant with sterile saline or salt water. When they rupture, you will typically know immediately and your body harmlessly absorbs all of the leaking saline. Because of its shape and the consistency of saline, saline breast implants feel can feel like water balloons and do not have the ‘gummy” or fatty feel of real breasts.

If you are only interested in slight modification in breast size, you might want to talk to your cosmetic surgeon about a fat transfer breast augmentation procedure. This can be done in conjunction with a liposuction procedure. The surgery takes fat from another part of your body and implants it into the breast tissue without the use of an artificial implant.

Breast lift procedures have become even more popular than breast implants in recent years. This type of procedure involves removing skin and possibly small amounts of breast tissue to tighten the breast and lift it for a more youthful appearance.

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